May 28, 2009

How To Be At Peace

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Have you noticed that when we say “peace” and “happiness” in the same breath, the word “peace” usually comes first? I noticed, and I wondered why that is so. How does the word “peace” being used first affect the meaning of a sentence, or does it?

I suppose, it could be the subconscious mind reminding us that without peace existing around us and without it permeating our souls as it should on a consistent basis, nothing else we do first will provide the happiness that we desire. In other words, to experience joy and happiness in the heart we need peace to be in the soul. This is the payoff for making correct choices and wise decisions.

Peace is not achieved by accident; we need to create an environment for peace to exist. How to do that is the focus of my book “The Treasure Box Series, Volume I: Peace, Joy, and Happiness“.

  • First, we must become a peaceful person on the inside by being in harmony with the human system (we will discuss that more later). 
  • Next, we establish healthy habits that help us control our impulses and reactions
  • We must do whatever it takes to protect the peace around us by making good choices and decisions that reward us with the peace and happiness we seek.
  • Then we live the type of life that fills the empty places in our souls with gems that give us more of what we really want in life.  These gems reflect the many facets of peace, joy, and happiness that fill our treasure boxes with a rich sense of fulfillment and a warm feeling of contentment in our souls.

It is possibile that, from this point forward, you can create a life with purpose you and your family will feel good about for years, even benefit from for decades to come. What is more satisfying than that? What will make your life more creditable, meaningful, and more peaceful than it is right now?  This question is one you need to answer. Perhaps my blogs can help you do that (see,, and

Learning to respond appropriately to situations is vital for keeping the peace and being happy. I hope you will check out my book as mentioned above because it has suggestions to help you accomplish this goal. 

Developing a better understanding of what to do in life’s storm helps you prevent even the slightest wind from becoming a tempest when adversity comes your way. Consequently, you will feel more confident about your ability to weather storms that threaten your peace. 

As we see demonstrated in the “Three Little Pigs” story, when the big, bad wolf blows on our house of peace, it will not blow over and will remain standing firm because we know how to appropriately respond to the storm and the wind.

Being at peace requires our full commitment, discipline, and resolve to change how we deal with situations that cause chaos and stress. This means we need to learn new skills to avoid inappropriate responses. We will discuss how to do that in later articles.

I welcome your thoughts on this article. I also welcome anything you would like to add in disagreement or as advice.