July 4, 2009

My Hummingbird Cafe

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You will find this new site useful in helping you deal with the issues we face in the world today, especially as women or as a single mom trying to raise a family and to take care of the home.

Although I have never been a single mother, I have had to care for our family while my husband was away when we lived in the mountains for ten years. My husband had to work three hours away from home a lot so I had to do things on my own when he had to stay with family members or do a weekend tour with the military.

I did have two teen sons at home to help me with some things, but still I had to act as head of the home while my husband was away. So yes, I do understand some of the problems single moms have to deal with, and how hard it can be to raise teenagers when there is no man in the home.

Because of my own experiences, as mentioned above, I want to make things a little easier for you, if I can.  One way to help is by giving you access to the type of information women need today. You can help too by telling us what you need to know, by providing your advice, by sharing your knowledge, and bysharing how My Hummingbird Cafe helps you.

Even though My Hummingbird Cafe is for women only, men are invited to give us advice for handling teens or for doing some of the fix-it projects around the home.

I hope you will check into this new site and give me your thought on it or tell me how I can improve the site. Thanks, and may things go better for you in the future.