August 3, 2010

TheHealthCareService.Com Provides Good Advice

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I just reviewed a site that was referred to me. I find many of their postings helpful for family health.

However, I ADVISE YOU TO USE CAUTION when browsing this site because some articles deal with adult healthcare issues that you may not want your family members reviewing. Other than this caution, I suggest you check into this site by using this link The Healthcare or click on an article link below!

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July 27, 2010

If I Was On ObamaCare I’d Be Dead

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First Posted on on 7/20/2010

I hope you all appreciate the message in this blog about ObamaCare and that you will push your Republican representatives who win in November to repeal this terrible law. Not that Republicans are much better than the Democrats, at least they don’t want to expand government to the point of destroying America. If vote independent or don’t vote at all, we are giving a vote to the Democrats. Please remember that. Lets get rid of the Democrat majority so the country has checks and balances again and then we can start cleaning house in the Republican Party.

This is an amazing story that I  share with you today. It is very personal but I want to share it because it is a perfect example of what it would be like under ObamaCare. I know that, if I had been under Obama Care last week, I would have been sent home to die with blood clots in both lungs.

If I Was On ObamaCare I'd Be Dead That’s not what the doctors diagnosed at first. It took a second trip back to the hospital in an ambulance an hour later and a new doctor to tell me what wa … Read More

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