August 3, 2010

TheHealthCareService.Com Provides Good Advice

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I just reviewed a site that was referred to me. I find many of their postings helpful for family health.

However, I ADVISE YOU TO USE CAUTION when browsing this site because some articles deal with adult healthcare issues that you may not want your family members reviewing. Other than this caution, I suggest you check into this site by using this link The Healthcare or click on an article link below!

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July 27, 2010

Saliva Test Finds Cancer

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First Posted on MyHummingbird Cafe on 7/01/2010

Have you heard that hard-to-find cancer can be detected in a saliva test?

I just read a report at the following link that discusses this test. The full report can be read at this link:

Here is a summary of the above mentioned report.

Japan’s Keio University and University of California, Los Angeles, say they detect “high probabilities
of pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and oral cancer” with a simple saliva test. This is exciting news,
if true. However, I saw a news report a month ago that said the saliva test might not be what it
claims. Pharmacies have been reported to have pulled saliva tests until they know more.

I did not know if there is still a concern about this technology so I called my own pharmacy. I was told they have never carried the saliva test because they usually carry only a few of those type of test. I then did a Google search on the subject and this is the
link for you to search this subject on you own.

Notwithstanding, you should know that “researchers analyzed saliva samples of 215 people, including cancer patients, and identified 54 substances whose presence can be used to detect the disease, Keio University said in a statement.”

In addition, “by further analyzing the substances,
the test detected 99 percent of pancreatic cancer cases, 95 percent of breast cancer, and 80 percent
of oral cancer cases among those taking part, ” the reported. These numbers are impressive results.

Cancer researcher claim “The new technology can detect up to 500 different substances found in saliva at one time, said professor Tomoyoshi Soga at
Keio’s Institute for Advanced Biosciences.” He also said that “the technology would make it especially
easier to detect pancreatic and oral cancers.”

We know now that the survival rates of pancreatic cancer and oral cancer are especially low because, when they discover cancer, it is too far advanced or
the patient dies before clear early symptoms appear and spot the illness in time.  The claim is that saliva
tests can detect cancer in its early stages, which often makes the illness treatable.

This report also claims “Saliva can be sampled more easily and casually than blood or stool inspection,” said institute head Masaru Tomita in the statement. And that “We would like to apply this technology not only to cancer cases but also other illnesses as well,” he said.

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