August 3, 2010

TheHealthCareService.Com Provides Good Advice

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I just reviewed a site that was referred to me. I find many of their postings helpful for family health.

However, I ADVISE YOU TO USE CAUTION when browsing this site because some articles deal with adult healthcare issues that you may not want your family members reviewing. Other than this caution, I suggest you check into this site by using this link The Healthcare or click on an article link below!

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February 24, 2009

The Truth About Autism

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NEW: Video Report About Autism You May Not Know 

I tried to post the video but it did not work. Therefore, you will need to go to the site itself.  Put on your popup  blocker before you click on these links.

Also see Dr. Blaylock’s report as well.

Please follow this link above and watch an informative video interview about autism, and what appears to cause it. Yes, I know we already know that vaccinations have been linked to thecause, but there is evidence that much more is in the fabric of autism that you may not know.

I was very surprised when I saw this report. I have two autistic grandchildren through my daughter. She has been blaming herself all this time because her doctor told her she caused the children’s autism. I told her that could not be true, there are far too many autistic children today for that to be the case.

Oprah did a whole program on autism earlier last year. She said that 1 out of every 150 children become autistic. She also said that is epidemic stage, higher than breast cancer.  I knew something had to be causing autism that related to our modern-day lifestyle, something that wasn’t part of our culture or done on a regular basis fifty years ago. I also knew it must be related to vaccinations that children get around 18 months to 2 years old. It is just too coincidental for it not to be related.

I received an email about a year ago from, stating they knew in 2005 that vaccinations caused autism. Strange  that nobody said a word to parents; parent who were and are still forced to get their children vaccinated or schools will not admit their children. Of course,  the “Child Protective Agency” gets involved at that point.

Parents need to know that things like this can harm their children.There should be financial responsibility for the children’s care who have been forced to live the rest of their lives with this ailment. In case you do not know about this condition, let me give you an idea of how a child with autism lives.

Not all children respond to the same triggers. However, as in the case of my grandson, autistic children need to have the same daily routine. If something is different, they get very revved up and afraid. For example, when my grandson came to visit us, obviously his routine changed. The poor kid (age 10 at the time) was afraid all the time. I cannot imagine being afraid so many times a day, every single day. That must be horrible.

Anything can freak-out these children and send them into an uncontrollable panic attack. This was the case with my grandson when he saw a tee-shirt someone had on or clouds that look a little ominous to him. They may hear something on television or radio or see something they don’t understand, and then go into a autistic melt-down. Siblings or school mates may say something to set off a child’s melt-down as well. 

We, as parents and grandparents, need to put pressure on Congress. They need to force the Food and Drug Administration to have tighter regulations when they use chemicals like those mentioned in the video. I can’t believe the FDA thought mercury was safe to use for children’s vaccinations. Would you please write a letter to your state representatives and tell him/her how you feel?

Thank you.

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