April 3, 2010

Easter Season

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Easter is the season to remember our Savior died for us that we might live again and to take upon himself all of our sins and imperfections.

Easter is also the season that represents new birth and spring. . . with eggs, chicks, bunnies, and chocolate.


March 25, 2010

God Give Us What We Need

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Something to ponder. We ask God for things all the time, usually for what we want, but sometimes He gives us what we need but we may not recognize it as what we need. Consider the message in this posting an decide how it applies to you today.

I received this message from a friend and I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share it with you as well. The message is true and very special to me. Please ponder on the message and pass it on if you want. I will give you the code so you can send it to your friends.

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May God Bless you this way as well. Look for the thorns and see what God gives you.

April 12, 2009

An Easter Message

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I hope this message is as special to you as it is to me. With the atmosphere around us these days, it helps to know someone has paid the ultimate price for your redemption. Knowing we can rely on Him and His love helps us through the hard times we face in life. But try to remember that we live on a volatile planet. We will have storms rage about us, mudslides, fires, and all sorts of chaos around us.

The Lord gave us a lovely planet to live on, but we have to accept the good with the bad. Tornadoes and fires are a fact of life and it’s not God’s fault if you suffer from them. He is there to comfort you, so take advantage of that gift, but don’t blame Him for your misfortune of living on this earth. See the gift of life (however long that is) as a blessing and enjoy the time you have with your loved-ones and give thanks for each day that you wake up. That is the way I see this life on earth and I hope you feel the same.

I welcome your comments on this subject.

February 3, 2009

The Anti-Christian Movement

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I have had this subject on my mind for some time, especially after Bill O’Reilly wrote an article on it: Jesus vs. the Atheists.

One example of the anit-Christian movement is when my brother received a rejection from Yahoo Personals for his profile. The email said he had a word that was objectionable (we think the word may be God) and that a picture was rejected (they said the picture was a beautiful picture of Christ in the garden). It is unbelievable, a profile is objectionable because of the word God and a picture of Christ? 

The only way evil can prosper is to remove God from society. The work of darkness and evil cannot live in the light.  Of course, we know that those who follow God believe they are in the light and that they have the promise of Him being with them. If that is the case, the only way those who live in darkness can prevail is to destroy the light by enticing people away from it. Unfortunately, that is what is happening now; with a lot of help from Hollywood, government controlled Public School system, and influences of peer pressure.

We can fight Hollywood’s influence by monitoring the movies and television programs we allow our family members and ourselves to view. However, we have little or no control or influence on the public school system and peers. All we can do is teach our children the best we can, be good examples for them to follow, then hope and pray that they will overcome the environment they are forced to submit to when they are away from us.

The problem is that those who complain about these environmental issues are treated like they are fanatics. Sadly, that label makes many parents back down when their children tell them how they feel or how they are being ridiculed at school.  Children are embarrassed by their parents religious stance and the teasing they receive at school because of it.

 For years, I have been saying that children need to be taken out of the public school system and put into Christian schools. Our church does not have home schooling or church schools until college age, and they expect the parents to take care of the problem by working with each other. However, independently, a small group of parents have little effect on the problem.

Christian schools are sometimes a problem when they are vocal about others who do not follow the same belief system as they do. Because they will not accept individuals with different beliefs because they are the only ones who are right, their attitude makes it impossible to put children in that type of school.

For example, a young father put his child in a Christian preschool. When he saw a magazine sitting on the table in the waiting room that was anti-Mormon, many Christians do not see Mormons as Christian, he brought up the article with administration but received no satisfaction.

Christains are losing ground almost daily. Their rights and beliefs are not respected, sometimes it’s because of their pious attitude and unwillingness to accept other Christains as brothers and sister in Christ. How sad this is, being so unloving and unaccepting of others who also love the Lord.

On the other hand, those on the opposite side unite together for a common goal. Because they have, they are getting recognition and assistance from many sources. Should not Christains do the same? There is strength in numbers.

Please view the video below and then comment on your feelings. Part of this video is a bit radical, but please watch it to the end and glean from it the main message. We need to do something more to stop the amount of control the public school system has on our children’s spirituality and moral fiber.

Tell us what you are doing to battle this problem in your home. Your story can help us. Children are being eaten up by the world and the public school system, so please help us solve this problem. Perhaps you will do as the video suggests and join their organization.