March 21, 2010

Recent Postings On Digg

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I hope you will click on the links and visit me on Digg. If you are a member of Digg, I hope you will vote on it for me. Thanks, and please leave me a comment about how you feel.

Recent Activity

What Is The TEA Party Movement — The TEA Party movement is about Government recognizing The Will of The People. Most of us understand this but how much do we know about the reason for its creation? Do you know that TEA stands for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY? The movement began as a voice against high taxation, but now it has evolved to include much more. Consider the impact on politics.

They Just Don’t Get It! — Everyone supporting the Health Care bill thinks the argument is that people are fighting the cost of it and that they are afraid of change. That’s not the question, if any one cares to listen.There are distinct reasons for not wanting this bill to pass, and it doesn’t have anything to do with cost or abortion. Its about illegal government takeover.

A Divisive America — Divisiveness among the people is the result of Government not functioning as it should. We must work together to keep democracy safe. If we do not do something soon to resolve the disconnection between government and its people, another type of civil will surely occur. I feel optimistic that we can do this together if we have a mindset to do so and…

An Attitude of Discontent — There is a problem that government is prepared to handle.They have 75 counties in Texas alone that are ready to handle decent. Presidents have practiced for this possibility for years. President Obama already practiced for it in his first few months in office. You don’t have to believe me, I don’t expect you to, but you should believe your own eyes…

I Predict States Ceding From The Union — One of the newest reports is 38 States have now drafted law suits to fight back when the Health Care bill passes. They are fighting back for Abuse Of Federal Power. How many states will bankrupt if these mandates are forced on states? What other recourse will these States have but bankruptcy? Is it possible that ceding from the union is their only…

Is Our Republic For Sale? — Can you believe the nerve of Congress? I am ticked-off with our situation because they blatantly ignore the Will of the People! CAN YOU SAY Government Is Hanging By A Thread? Uh, I think so! I also think somebody better do something fast or it will take an OUT RIGHT REVOLUTION to get back our rights. That prospect is a scary thought to me.

More Than Frosting — It’s About More Than Sex Appeal. I use the example of two types of cake. One looks beautiful and one that does not look very appealing. As it turns out, however, it’s the cake that is not appealing that tastes the best. Some of us spend a lot of time and money on making ourselves look good, smell good, and feel good. Even with all the toys and…


June 5, 2009

My Own Social Web Site

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I want to invite you to my own social website that I’ve set up. Mine is safer than all the garbage we get on some of the other social websites.  Because it’s new, you may have a few problems getting registered on RdaysNetwork, I may have to add you manually as a user, but it’s safer than others.

I was hoping that you will join me on my other sites: as a forum to participate in discussions on various boards, and as a social site. Would you check on them and then send me some feedback on them.  Since it’s new and there are a few problems, maybe you can help me solve them. 

I am excited about these new sites and I hope you will be too. Also check out!

Social websites are a way to keep in touch with each other and to make new friends. Social websites can be a place to have fun too and play war games or whatever, but so far I don’t have that on my site; partly because of the spyware that comes with them. I want this site to be clean and not have those problems. 

I welcome your feedback and looking forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks for your visit.